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Mcrops At the World Congress


Release of the White-fly Count app

aron_send off

Aaron & Anna Send-off party

wite fly workshop

The Cassava Whitefly Workshop 2015 chapter comes to a close

field session trials

Field session and trials : White-fly Workshop 2015 edition


Understanding the Vector: White-fly Workshop 2015 edition

sub saharan

mCROPS on the Cassava Whitefly Project for Sub-Saharan Africa

Renown Muk

International Research and Innovations DIssemination

Next Gen

mCROPS at the NextGen Cassava conference launch.

Alpha Version

Alpha-Version testing of the White-fly Count Application

Vector Measurement

Vector Measurement... Counting "Super Abundance"

AI Labs

mCROPS, AIR labs, (MIT), Boston, USA .. The return of the PI

COCIS Data Science

AI Research and Data Science at the CoCIS- Connect Open Day...

Africa Today Documentary

mCROPS to the world: Africa Today Documentary Series

Activities Post

mCROPS Activities Post; A National Cassava Health Survey





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