Root Necrosis is a strong symptom of Cassava Brown Streak Virus (CBSV) that causes Cassava Brown Streak Disease (CBSD) in Cassava. Mcrops Has developed an Android Application, NECROSIS DETECT to detect the percentage of necrosis in cassava roots/ tubers.

The Farmer goes to the Field with their device and Launches the Application. Farmer then enters the Field Name/Number from which the cassava roots have been harvested into the Form provided by the application. A camera is then launched with a bounding box. The farmer then takes a picture of the cassava root, positioning the root in the bounding box for the best results during image processing. The image is then processed and a percentage value for Necrosis displayed.

The results stored on the phone can be transferred to the desktop version for further analysis. This also enables the farmers and different experts to study trends and identify different patterns from these images.





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