Mcrops project of the Artificial Intelligence Research & Data Science labs of Makerere University has developed a new app aimed at supporting Agricultural research in combating the white-fly pest. The app aims at enhancing the effiency of researchers in the field by enabling them take consistent Whitefly population counts, to aptly determine how much an area has been affected. It also facilitates for capturing Geo-tagged image data of the leaves with Adult Whiteflies.The app is available on Google App Store

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** It comes in 3 basic forms which are the Researcher’s version, the Survey version and the Web version.

1. The Researcher’s version aides scientists in the field by counting the Whiteflies in an image take and filling in an accompanying form with garden details which can be customised to the needs of the Researcher. It also has GPS locater which tags the images for future reference and useful when mapping populations of the Whitefly vector across regions.

2. The Surveyor’s version is specifically designed for Surveyor’s systems and can be easily handled by a farmer wishing to know the Whitefly counts in his/her garden or a surveyor on a survey of which Whitefly populations are of interest.

3. The Web-Server version allows for batch/ bulk uploads of field collected Whitefly images to be processed and returned in batches or bulk. One can access the Web-Server based Whitefly Count app through a website, uploads the batch of images to which counts of the number of Whiteflies are returned per image submitted. The app works in a simple way; a picture is taken of the given leaf, and immediately the processor begins analyzing how many flies are on the leaf.It returns a saved picture and the count.





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