Recent talks and interviews with materials available online

Machine Learning and the Humanitarian Information Gap, October 2017.
Royal Society meeting on The growing ubiquity of algorithms in society: implications, impacts and innovations, London.
[Audio recording]

Classification and Malaria Detection, October 2017.
Guest lecture for Iain Murray’s course Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition, University of Edinburgh.
[Video, Jupyter notebook and Iain’s reflections]

Talking Machines podcast, July 2017.
The Long View and Machine Learning in Person (season 3, episode 9), interviewed by Neil Lawrence.

Social Good Data, June 2017.
AI for Good Global Summit, ITU Headquarters, Geneva.
[Video, search in the list for Social Good Data for All]

Introduction to Spatial Data Analysis, July 2017.
Data Science Africa, Arusha, Tanzania
[Video, Notebook and data]

Lightning talk about Data Science Africa meetings, January 2017.
World Data Forum (Big Data Innovations session), Cape Town, South Africa.

Automated Speech Analysis, November 2016.
BBC World Service, Click (technology news show)

Overview of Projects in Pulse Lab Kampala, June 2016.
Data Science Africa 2016, Uganda

Machine Learning in the Developing World, April 2016.
Data Learning and Inference (DALI) 2016, Italy
[Abstract, Video]